A Legal Guide For Texas Cancer Patients

A Legal Guide For Texas Cancer Patients
A Legal Guide For Texas Cancer Patients

If you are reading this post, it is likely that you or someone you care about is fighting or has fought a battle with cancer. It is also likely that in addition to dealing with treatment decisions like radiation versus chemotherapy, numerous doctors’ visits, telling family, friends and co-workers, and simply coming to terms with this illness, you are overwhelmed by the myriad of other issues that one is confronted with when you or a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis.  Such issues include guardianship for cancer survivors with children, employment issues, insurance coverage, and concerns about privacy, to name just a few.

This post is to tell you about a wonderful publication that is designed to answer many of these types of questions. This publication is intended to be an informative resource upon which you or your loved one can rely to answer legal questions like, “Am I entitled to time off work?”, “Should I have a will?” and “How do I tell my doctors that I don’t want to be placed on life support if my condition is terminal?”

Cancer often forces us to contemplate our own mortality in a new way, and causes us to think about estate planning and other end-of-life issues. That said, in today’s world, cancer is a battle that is so often won. Therefore, please do not be alarmed by the end-of-life advice found in this publication, including the recommendation that you have a will. We should all have a will, but it sometimes it takes a serious illness before we really give it much thought.

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