Jack Robinson provides his client quality service

Jack Robinson provides his client the highest quality service
Jack Robinson provides his client quality service

We are devoted to the following principles:

We are the only chance our clients have to seek justice. We can only help our clients working as a team. We do more than expected. We are ready to help.

The people in this firm are committed to the idea that because we work together as a team, our clients have an opportunity for justice. This deep commitment provides a strong sense of purpose and make us secure in the knowledge that what we do has impact.

This law firm is composed of everyday folks confident in a jointly held belief that together we accomplish incredible things. Each person knows that disappointments and setbacks are a part of life. Sometimes the dragon wins. Yet we never waiver in meeting the obligations to our clients. Because we are that kind of people, there is no Goliath this David will not take on.

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Jack Robinson provides his clients quality service in family law, probate and criminal matters in Rockwall, Dallas, Collin, Hunt & Kaufman counties.

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  1. Juan Campos

    Hi! My name is Juan Campos, I am a HS teacher, and I am seeking a divorce from my wife of 10 years. We married 10/08, moved to Rowlett from the Rio Grand Valley (Mercedes) and shortly after my daughter was born (around 05/12) my wife caught me having an emotional affair with an ex coworker (she lived in the valley, we emailed and phoned, no sexual pictures). After that I went through three years of various therapies; outpatient residential (Meir’s Clinic), to psychiatric (1yr), to psychological therapy (2yrs) I feel that I have done alot of work on myself to be the best husband I can be for my wife. This past March/April, my wife told me that she no longer loves me and that she is going to live her life, and that she doesn’t care what I do with mine.

    We have three children together (Oldest will turn 18, I adopted him, he was from another man who gave up rights) and two biological children together (Girl is 7, boy is 4) and she has not spoken directly to me since January (which is what started the conversation in March/April, because I wanted to know why she wasn’t talking to me)

    Since that conversation, I have felt defeated, manipulated, and used. I feel strongly that I am a much stronger and healthier person and that the years I have spent working on myself have allowed me to be this better version of myself. It has also allowed me to see how she has been controlling, manipulative, and used emotions and sex to manipulate and hurt me.

    Consequently, our household currently is a mess; and she continues to not speak to me. We still do family things together, and I ask her questions, but she does not even acknowledge my presence in the house. My children mean the world to me, and I am an active father; I fed both of my little ones during the night after they were born while working a full time job, take them to dr.s appointments, I volunteer in my daughters GS troop, take her to gymnastics practice, coach my sons soccer team, and have been committed to my oldests education, while maintaining chores and household duties (I scrub the bathroom and kitchens, I still wash her clothes). But I am convinced this marriage is unhealthy for my children, for me, and for my wife as well.

    In addition, she has been proactively bringing more and more people into our family circle (dinners at the house, etc) and playing this “super wife” role, while still ignoring me, my feelings, and me generally as a person. This feels cruel.

    I haven’t exactly been reaching out to her either; I dont see the point, and I frankly do not want to. I feel that after she told me she was gong to move on with her life, and that she didn’t love me anymore, even though I said I would continue to try, what’s the point? And worse, why should I continue to support her (She’s been a stay at home since we’ve been married) when she doesn’t even acknowledge me or make any efforts to imporove our marriage. I have asked her twice (written and verbally) and she refuses to go to counseling of any kind. We went for about two months after my emotional affair, and that was it.

    I’m needing advice; I know that she will be nasty and vindictive and it will poison my children, not only against me, but them in general. I have seen how she controls my oldest, uses him to do her will (she treats him like a surrogate husband/father and userps me. She wanted to home school him, and she didn’t, instead he helped take care of our daughter when she was born).

    I am seeking full custody of both my children. I hope we can speak soon. Thank you for your time.

  2. Jack Robinson Post author

    Please call our office at 972-772-6100 to arrange a no-cost initial consultation

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