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  1. Ruthann Harnett Reply

    My name is Ruthann Harnett, Brain Stem Injury Survivor, car/Truck Wreck, in 3/29/79, Coma for 9 mths., 3yrs. Wheelchair, Therapy, Weight Machines, Exercise-Mentally & Physically, Mother-2 Kids, son & daughter..Drove to Private School Young Adults, Son Civil Engineer, Daughter- Wells Fargo Manager, Mother of Son, Benjiman.
    I am Caregiver to my Parents-Donald & Jane Harnett, He is 91yrs. and she is 89yrs. with Alzheimers- Dementia since 10? She lives at St. Pauls Retirement Home, Greenvile, Pa.

  2. Ms. Ruthann Harnett Reply

    The $100,000.00 that I brought in to the marriage is GONE. I live with my dad, I pay him rent from alimony I get, cause I can’t work.

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